Stracciatella yogurt – Greek style


So the Nutella from my previous post consisted of the following ingredients:

roasted hazelnuts

a few almonds

a few cashew nuts

a few roasted salted peanuts

a pinch of salt

dark cocoa powder

sweetened cocoa powder (75 % sugar)

some more sugar

vanilla extract

First blend roasted hazelnuts and other nuts into a liquid paste. Add other ingredients and mix till the ingredients are well combined.

Use it:

with peanut butter

with apricot jam

plain.. whichever you prefer

I combined all three today: peanut butter, nutella and apricot jam. Yum.

This morning I didn’t feel like eating bread. I made the no-knead bread version with 1/3 corn flour and some flax seeds. I tasted it in the afternoon, I love the smell and taste of corn. Plus it’s healthy since it is made of wholegrain flour and corn flour, with some extra seeds. Can’t be bad, even if you eat much of it. It accelerates the digestion.

In the morning I had Stracciatella yogurt – Greek style. My very first one. Inspired very much by Salat in a jar.

Well, I borrowed her recipe to make Greek yoghurt. And I was eager to add some vanilla to it. I didn’t have any vanilla paste, haven’t bought any yet, haven’t seen it in the stores. Basically it is made of vanilla and sugar syrup. I wished to improvise with vanilla sugar and milk. Yet I ran out of vanilla sugar. So the option was to use milk, vanilla extract and sugar. That worked.



1 cup homemade Greek-style yoghurt

1 T grated milk chocolate

a few drops vanilla extract

1 T milk

1/2 t sugar

(optional) some crumbled Speculoos biscuit

Mix it all together and enjoy the cold breakfast in the cold weather. Strangely though I crave something cold in the morning, like a pear from the fridge or water or (like today) yoghurt.

And right to the office.



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  1. do you eat clif bars like mine?:)

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