No Knead Bread in a Pan + homemade Nutella

Bread again?! How predictable. And Nutella. That makes a great combination.

When I was yesterday thinking about what I’d like to have for today’s breakfast, the idea of freshly baked bread come into my mind.

Usually I’d use all kinds of flour (oat flour, wholegrain wheat flour, buckwheat flour, perhaps some chickpea flour – though my blender has a hard time blending garbanzo beans, cornflour) so the result is a thick dark bread, often challenging for thee teeth because it’s that hard.

This time I wished to make bread which would be even easier. Not so many kinds of flour, no milk, no seeds, rather simple.

I came upon this recipe for No Knead Bread and loved it immediately.


source the original recipe

Easy peasy and such a nice picture. Of course I didn’t expect such a nice crust from a bread, baked in a pan, yet it was worth a try, to get the moisture which is typical of such bread. I adapted the recipe a bit so here’s the list of the ingredients:

-3 cups wholegrain wheat flour

-1.5 cup lukewarm water

-1 tsp salt

-1 tsp yeast, diluted in some lukewarm water

I like things simple so this time even the preparation was very simple. I used a wooden spoon to bring the ingredients together and let the dough rise in a tissue-covered pot for 1 hour on a radiator. I could have let rise it longer but it was getting late so I decided 1 hour would be enough.

Then I transformed the dough (with wet hands) from the pot into a warm pan and let it bake half-covered for 15 min at low heat (. I checked how it looked like. I let it bake for another 10 min before I turned it around. I let it bake for about 15 min on the other side, switched the hot plate off and removed the pan from the hot plate so the bread could cool overnight in the pan, still half-covered.

And here it is, the moist wholegrain bread.


Seems to be a bit on the dark side but dark is good, especially if the flour is from the local mill. Twice as good. I don’t actually remember when I last bought a wholegrain flour. Hum.., maybe never??

The crust was soft, the bread was quite moist and smelled nice. But the oven would do wonders to the crust.


Paired with peanut butter and homemade Nutella, I bet it’ll disappear soon.


I made Nutella quite a few times and each time it’s a bit different.

The label is still the same Guiño


And what’s inside…. I’ll reveal it soon Sonrisa.

Enjoy the time!

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2 responses to “No Knead Bread in a Pan + homemade Nutella

  1. The bread looks delicious – and wow, easy to make. I actually like the sensation of kneading bread with my hands, but it’s nice to have a quick, easy recipe and still get good results.

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