Cinnamon peanut butter

Sweet peanut butter, with dates, gimme some!

Ingredients: salty roasted peanuts, dates, cinnamon, some sunflower oil.

Blend everything in the blender, no more steps.


Dip into it some grisini.


Or stuff with it a date, like Emma does:



I highly reccommend this option as well Sonrisa

I’ve noticed I have a similar weird interesting hobby like Claudia. I take pictures of myself when I’m bored before I go to work or after I come home.


We both have white trousers Guiño.

Anyway this was the outfit to wear on the motorbike, otherwise it’d be way to hot during the day. The sun was already shining and it was 8 a.m.

I usually don’t wear black clothes in summer. Do you?

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One response to “Cinnamon peanut butter

  1. Errign

    I do like black tops year round, but in the fall I tend towards more earthy tones.

    Yummy pb!

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