Run and eat

I’m a runner by nature and I actually never speak about running since it’s more a food blog. However, lately I’m again more inspired to run than to cook Guiño so I dedicate this post to running (well, also to eating, since we runners need to fuel our bodies right).

First some fuel Sonrisa


Homemade KinderLada

As a child I loved the two-colour hazelnut spread called KinderLada. It looked like this:



I don’t remember eating it often and as far as I remember, it soon disappeared from our shelves. I don’t know why it seems to be so appealing, it might be the form of the jar, the kind cow who gave the milk for it or just the distant memory of something good.

As the brand doesn’t exist any more (it’s been a while since I ate it for the last time, maybe 20 years ago), I’ve been thinking about recreating my favourite spread.

I wished to have a 2 colour spread. And I wished it to contain a lot of hazelnuts.

At the same time I came upon Linda’s recipe of homemade dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut spread. Exactly what I wished to have in my KinderLada.

That’s the recipe I followed. Instead of peanut oil I took my homemade hazelnut oil. The white spread contains no cocoa but all other ingredients.

kinderlada (2)


Now you have two choices: a) you can believe me or b) you can make it (I highly recommend the second choice Sonrisa )


And now forth to running.

I set myself a goal in August. I’d like to run a total of 200 km. So far I ran 56 km (below 28 km recorded, three runs were unrecorded).

That’s the challenge I created myself to be more motivated:


And just today I found another one which is also awesome, even more motivating: run most kilometers in August. So far I have no distance recorded since I’ve just joined. But that’s going to change soon!


Well, three years ago (in August) I ran a total of 600 km.

After a month of running my feet looked like this:


Only 3 black nails Guiño.


So far I ran 3204 km with Nike+ chip, still quite a bit to run to reach the black level which is the final level.


Today’s run was awesome. I played this game Pass or be Passed. I didn’t mean to run fast at all but I heard steps behind me so I speeded up. Well, the guy was appearantly faster than me and he was the only one who passed me the 9 km which I ran. I passed quite a few other runners, so I guess I understand the game Guiño.


Today it was rainy. Do you run in rain? I liked it.

Do you prefer white or dark hazelnut spread? I always preferred the white one since I liked the colour better. The black one would last much longer.


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6 responses to “Run and eat

  1. Hi Damjana, I’m glad you enjoyed the hazelnut spread. It reminds me that I should make another batch soon! I’m curious, did the original KinderLada have dark and white hazelnut parts to it, or was the white part similar to a white chocolate spread?

    • The white part was similar to a white chocolate spread, actually based on milk. I had no wish to use condensed milk or cream, so I let it stay pure hazelnut spread. It’d be possible to reconstruct it using cacao butter or coconut butter. That’s the idea for the next time I make it :)

  2. Sounds delicious! I love coconut butter!

    • I think if you’re agreeable to “white chocolate”, you could easily make a thin-ish ganache made with white chocolate and coconut milk. I’d base it on my truffle recipe, but use a higher ratio of coconut milk to white chocolate.

  3. KinderLade ne morem komentirati. Lahko pa povem, da sem te pogrešala na trekingih in sem se že spraševala kje pri hudiču si. Ajde, natreniraj za Učko, da se bomo lahko spet skupaj preganjali po jesenskih gozdovih ;-)

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