Nutella mishap = the best hazelnut fudge

I’m in love with homemade Nutella. Since my homemade Nutella doesn’t have long shelf-life (it mysterously disappears while I’m in the kitchen), I planned to make a new batch yesterday evening.


First I added roasted hazelnuts and peanuts in the blender and let it pulse so long until the mixture was liquid. Separately I heated honey and cocoa so that the honey would be more liquid.

The idea was good but the execution was not Guiño. When I added the honey-cocoa mixture, the butter wasn’t liquid any more, it’d rather turn into a harder mass where the oil got separated. The blended died about 5 times till I saw there’s little hope to get Nutella.

The mass was not homogenous; oil got separated from the rest. I took the hard mixture out of the blender and tasted it. Oh holy yum!

It tasted like fudge and its structure was the same, just like caramel candies you buy in the shop. I don’t remember eating such good fudge! I loved hazelnut fudge candies as a child and the brand is still being sold in the shop, however I don’t buy it any more and my version was hundred times better.

Take one.


Or two. Sonrisa


Ingredients: roasted hazelnuts, peanuts, honey, little salt, cocoa powder.

(Edit: Later on I thought that honey might not be vegan..some vegans eat honey, some don’t. I don’t want to offend anyone, but at first I just didn’t think of honey perhaps not being vegan and since I have no sugar in my kitchen, I just grabbed honey).

I hugged the little fudge (Hug a Vegan Dessert) as strong as I could and yet I was rather pretty gentle since I didn’t wish to squeeze it Guiño



Tasty vegan fudge one must hug (or kiss) Sonrisa

That’s what blogging brings to foods. Making new foods from basic ingredients.

What else I discovered through blogging:


Greek-style yoghurt


granola (made another batch today)


fudge bars


– oats


– Snickers

and lots lots of new foods. Check my Wholesome Recipes tab!

What are the foods you made recently and are oh-so-delicious?


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8 responses to “Nutella mishap = the best hazelnut fudge

  1. Oh my gosh, can I take twenty?!?

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  4. Taylor

    Must. Make. These. Immediately.

  5. I love it when failures turn into success! This looks so incredible!

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