Chocolicious raw cake

The picture of the coconut from last post turned into a label for my own delicious homemade coconut butter. I thought I have the pic on the USB key but appearantly it’s not here. :(


Before I share the recipe for Chocolicious raw cake (which I’m so excited to do!), there is the collection of Chocoholic almond bars, including a Suprise-Me Bar, which was sent to Mali, the highest bidder of my almond bars in Katie’s Vegan Bake Sale for Japan.



The batch includes following bars:

Almond Beauty Delight

-Chocolate Cranberry Love

-Amazing Choco Amande

-Chocolicious Almond Sweetie

-(plus a bonus bar!) Surprise-Me Bar


Hope the batch arrived safely to its final destination!

Oh by the way this Surprise-Me Bar is inspired by Katie’s Samoas Bars which I made later and turned out A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! No kidding, I gave one bar to the girl whom I teach English, and next time we met, the first thing she asked was “Can you give me the recipe for the bar you gave me last time?”.

I felt flattered ;)




Ok, and where’s the cake???

Here!! :)




I improved the recipe (read: adapted it to my tastebuds) for Raw Cashew Dreamcake I made last time.



I tried a tiny edge of it, and it was to die for! I LOVE the combination of flavours which the final cake consisted of. So while making layers I did a taste-check if something needs to be added (luckily, since then I added more lemon juice and more jam).

Chocolicious Raw Cake



75g dates, 30g coconut flour, 1 walnut, 2 roasted hazelnuts, –>blend + add some white chocolate chips

1st Layer: soaked almonds, soaked cashews, lemon juice (taste how much is needed!), water, hazelnut syrup, coconut oil –>blend all and take 2/3 of the mixture and spread on the crust.

2nd Layer: take 1/3 of the mixture above, add cocoa powder and plum jam (it’s homemade and the only one which was opened; I didn’t want to open the strawberry jam) –> blend and spread on the 1st layer.

Topping: chocolate chips, cacao nibs,….

Put into fridge and look forward to eating (and sharing) it afterwards.


I’m going to share the cake with a friend of mine who also occassionally peeps to my blog. :)


What’s your favourite cake flavour?

Mine is chocolate, hazelnut, coconut, walnut or alike.


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3 responses to “Chocolicious raw cake

  1. Yum, that looks incredible! I’ve never seen plum jam, but it sounds like it’d be great with chocolate. Then again, what ISN’T great with chocolate? ;)

  2. spoonfulofsugarfree

    Ohmygosh!!! Your packaging looks amazing for your bars :) Mali is one lucky person!!!!!

    And sheesh that raw cake looks mighty fine ;) My favorite cake flavor is chocolate mint-YUM

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