Gimme some cake!

Or I can give it to you. Would you mind?


This raw cake is replica of this fabulous recipe. Oh it does look delicious (the original version), doesn’t it? I so had to make it. And I enjoyed every bit of it last sunny weekend sitting on the balcony looking at the nature.

‘Twas a Healthy yum!


I adapted the recipe a bit to suit my needs and available ingredients. Here we go:


Raw Cashew Dreamcake


-raw almonds


(didn’t measure them, just approximately twice as much dates as almonds)

Blend everything.

1st layer:

(took 2/3 of this mixture)

-1/2 cup soaked cashews (I let them soak for 6 hours)

juice of 1/2 lemon (a bit less works fine too)

a few Tbsp coconut oil

-one Tbsp hazelnut syrup (no honey in the kitch)

Blend everything.

2nd layer:

-(took 1/3 of the mixture above)

plus a few strawberries (instead of raspberries, like in original recipe)

Blend everything.


sliced strawberries

The white and lila layers weren’t as solid as they’d be if they were taken from the freezer. I just put the cake into the fridge. Still, the layers were of a very nice consistency. I preferred them this way.


Next time:

something a little bit creative about this..




Oh yes and my package to Mali, the highest bidder of my chocoholic almond bars at vegan bakesale for Japan is already underway! Perhaps it already reached its destination South Africa!! The generous bidder offered 25 dolars for the good cause! Thank you A LOT  for having such a big heart!!


Any raw cake you’d like to try or you’ve tried which you reccommend?

I’m so looking forward to make this raw chocolate fudge cake.


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2 responses to “Gimme some cake!

  1. Awww, I hope you love the fudge cake if you do try it! And your pink cake reminded me that there’s a white-chocolate-strawberry cake I’ve been meaning to try for SO long… I just need to find cacao butter, and no one seems to have it!

    Damjana, YOU have the kindest heart.
    Sending you hugs from Texas!!

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