Katie made such a lovely update with all fruit huggers’ & fruits pictures in honour of hug-a-fruit month. If you have any ideas, what to hug next, share it.


This evening I was reading through blogs and this hottie really had a hot influence on me ;) Who wouldn’t be turned on after seeing such wonderful pictures of her scones with coconut butter over them!

Tribute to my late evening creation goes also to this pretty lady who kept rubbing me up with her coconut coconut coconut.. creations :)


Oh yeah. I’ve never made coconut butter before. My blender just wouldn’t make it through 12 mins of blending, as much as it needs to make coconut butter.

Anyway, I jumped from the computer and headed into the kitchen where a new – today bought – bag of coconut flakes was waiting for me.


I couldn’t believe it. I took less than a minute and it was all perfectly blended. Less than a minute?! Yep. When I used to make peanut butter or nutella, I’d take much longer, I had to scrape the sides often. Here? No scrapping, just stirring/shaking the blender did the trick.





I only licked the spoon after I transferred all the butter into the jar. was as good as it looks.

(Much much better than coconut oil. The coconut oil I have is without taste, I don’t taste anything but fat. It’s even more plain than sunflower oil.)


A raw dessert spread. Did she say raw dessert? Check them out here and win a book (well, I guess I’m going to be the winner;)).


I still haven’t picked up the winner of the blogiversary giveaway…still time to enter!


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6 responses to “Coco-n-butter

  1. Mmmmmmmmm I might rig the contest in your favor if you send me some of that coconut butter ;).
    Oh ok, I do have my own… looking at yours, now I think I’ll have to go get some. Adios!

  2. Looks delicious. What are you going to have it on? I bet it would be good on chocolate ice cream or chocolate anything!

  3. Haha love it!!! Who doesn’t love coconut?? Your buttah looks greatttt!!

  4. I had a blogger meet-up awhile ago, and she painstakingly insisted that I get myself a jar of coconut butter. I’m convinced!

  5. thanks alot
    thank you very much

  6. Aw, you are so sweet! I’m so glad you made coconut butter–it’s the best, isn’t it?!

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