Kitchen just for myself


A day for no use. I slept till 9 a.m. though I had my alarmclock set for 6.30 a.m. I planned to go to the hairdresser’s but I was sooo tired I just didn’t manage to drag my ass out of bed..till.. 10 a.m.

I was still lying in bed, thinking about my ways of eating in coming days. Natural, wholesome food yes. Then I discovered a YouTube video of a girl who did a challenge “30 days of being vegan”. So the idea was born.


She experienced more energy, less need to sleep and improved mental clarity. That’s exactly what I need. I’ve been forgetful like a person with demenza (maybe even more!). Tired as hell. Managed staying inside till 5 p.m. then I finally got some sunlight. So I was ready for the challenge.

Well, today I still had cheese and milk. I discovered that my margarine is not vegan (buh, why do they need to put whey inside?? just to make me feel a sinner) but I did chose vegan chocolate today (I prefer milk chocolate but it was no option).

I guess I’m gonna miss milk and vanilla yoghurt most. I already have substitutes: soy milk and home-made vanilla soy yoghurt (which still isn’t completely vegan :( ).


Breakfast was Orange-banana-tofu pudding

1 orange + 1/2 banana + tofu –> blend! Eat!


At 5 p.m. as said I dragged myself out to the shop. I cycled to a big grocery store in order to get some missing items for what I planned to prepare later on!

And yeah, here we go!


1st were Chocolate-covered raisins

While surfing blogs this morning (well, today) I came upon chocolate-covered raisins. I thought that’d be super easy and I just needed some chocolate. I thought I could put the finished product in the fridge and use it as add-in in oats, parfaits..

I melted some dark chocolate (I’m not a fan of dark chocolates but I knew this one is ok since I used it some years ago to dip strawberries into it) over hot water.


Threw raisins inside (quite many, since it seemed to be a lot of chocolate – though it was only about 50 g) and let them cool down in the fridge.


2nd thing was tararara.. Chocolate butter

The author is the wonderful Katie and as she didn’t patent the idea ;) I wished to try it! (I’m not even unique regarding copying since this spread already has many owners around blogosphere..). Oh my.. but still, I wanted to whip a batch since I had all the ingredients already at home (I owned coconut oil just because I made coconut butter some time ago – but that’s a different story).


I used the same bowl in which I was making raisins..I was chocolate butter anyway so a little bit of chocolate is just welcome.


I added 60 g (well the scales couldn’t decide whether it was 59 or 60) of coconut oil (the temperatures are not so high here so the stuff is not liquid at room temperature). Too funny I bought the coconut oil in a bottle. So I knew I’d have to make it warm to pour the oil into a larger container.


The coconut oil was melting above hot water.


So then I added cocoa, later on agave syrup (agave syrup is just from today’s shopping spree; though I bought it once last year while on Master Cleanse)



A brown mountain of chocolate


The finished product which I put into a jar and then into the fridge. Oh, the stuff was sooo bitter I had to add some more agave syrup (agave syrup is not so sweet on its own).


Meanwhile I prepared a mixed selection of nuts and raisins.


I made the box last year from a Ferrero Raffaelo box :) . Useful.


3rd on the menu was my beloved Peanut butter

I usually make my own since the store-bought stuff is weird, it sticks to teeth like glue and it tastes more like anything else than like peanuts. Seriously. Though it’s called American peanut butter, it’s rather a fail.

I took 200g salted roasted peanuts (price: about 1 dolar) and started blending.


My blender is a small, weak one so it stopped working 2 times in between because it got to hot. But I love it, I use it a lot (my neighbours would rater see I didn’t have it since they might be waken up earlier due to my morning concoctions and puddings ;) ).


The finished product is two pictured below.

4th on the to-do-list was Heavenly granola mix

The recipe is here. This time I had no oven so I baked it in a pan. The coconut got a bit burnt while the rest was like it had to be. After it was finished I added some raisins. I can’t wait to make some vanilla soy yoghurt to make a parfait! Granola is so good in parfaits! (even plain soy milk woud do the job).







As it’s a hug-a-fat time, I hugged (and kissed) my two fatty fats:

peanut butter (in an empty jar of store-bought pb) + chocolate butter

DSC07792 DSC07803

And the chef is just happy to have the two home-born babies :)

Non-identical twins ;)

Which would be your favourite one?

As a mum, I mustn’t make difference between them ;)


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9 responses to “Kitchen just for myself

  1. Oh my GOODNESS, this post is awesome!! As are you, pretty girl! :) And oh yeah, your babies. I wouldn’t be able to choose either. Oh ok, that’s not true: I’d go for chocolate. But it’d be a hard choice!!

  2. I can’t choose!! Thank you sooo much for coming to my blog and your kind comments! I hope you come back! Oh…I love your header by the way…I’m a chocolate freak – it’s ridiculous ;)

  3. There is nothing I love more than making home-made nut butters! And isn’t the chocolate butter amazing? I say, why choose? Eat them both at once!

  4. Hey there! Thanks for the visit and commenting on my blog! Congrats on trying out veganism- I know I love it. Is the chocolate butter good? I haven’t tried it yet, but I am VERY partial to nuts and their butters. My favorite fats by far!

    I’ll be sure to post some original wholesome vegan recipes in the coming weeks with you in mind!

    Happy eating,

  5. ummm i think i NEED to tell you how much i appreciate ur choc covered raisins. i mean, HELLO!! WOW <3

  6. mm tasty….. cococut oil + chocolate = LOVE

  7. Very Nicely you have explained the whole process. good….

  8. This post is wonderful! There isn’t a single thing about it that I don’t love. :P Homemade peanut butter sounds wonderful; I’m sure I’ve made it before, but since we don’t typically purchase peanuts I can’t be sure. That chocolate butter is sooo good! I’ve made it before and it’s great. Also, I’m a huge fan of the chocolate-covered raisins. <3

    I'm really liking your blog. You have a lot of different, less-common recipes which I really enjoy reading about. I definitely want to give some of them a shot!

  9. Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog, pretty lady! :)

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