Coffee with rice and yoghurt and all

I’ve been absent on this blog because I focused on another one I’m writing and on work. That’s why…

My eats suffered a bit, they were not as many as they used to be (good-bye binges!) and I rarely remembered to take pics of them. I love food photography, I love making lovely dishes, but lately I haven’t been much in mood of this.

Soy latte machiatto rice


I know this might not look best..but it’s tastier as it looks like. I cooked some rice in water, then drained the water out and rinsed it with cold water –> to the fridge to use up in the next few days. So I just took some rice, mixed it with soy latte machiatto (like soy milk, you can buy 1 litre of it; I was lucky enough to get it at a ridiculously low price 55cent). It’s great hot or cold, either way.


Homemade tortilla with tuna filling, along with vegetable sauce


I didn’t want to buy the whole pack of tortillas, 1) because they don’t taste that good to me and 2) because I wouldn’t be able to use all up. So I improvised and made one by myself. I made water+wholewheat flour+salt dough and made a thicker pancake. Easy peasy and actually the result was nice! It was a thick one but if one’s hungry that’s not a problem. For the filling I heated in a pan some canned tuna, mashed beans, sour cream, chili, red pepper. The sauce was from the previous day: aubergines, zucchini, cabbage, onions cooked in a pan with Indian spices.


Tuna egg spaghetti with vegetable sauce


I like spaghetti with a sauce that is filling. I cooked some wholewheat spaghetti, made a sauce in a pan: tuna+egg+pepper+sour cream. Along with some vegetable sauce I used in the recipe mentioned above (I’m so dumb I can’t remember it’s French name right now…).


Cinnamon coffee yoghurt


(Sorry, my camera is unable to make sharp pictures of near objects..)

I just mixed some chocolate coffee instant powder with cinnamon and sugar into plain yoghurt –> the result was a delicious coffee-flavoured yoghurt. Too bad those ones in the shops have 100cals per 100g which is a shame; ordinary yoghurts shouldn’t have more than like 60 or 70. So I can’t buy a coffee-flavoured yoghurt which would be like 60 cals per 100g. Well, mine definitely was and it was as delicious as the store-bought one, just the colour was less intense.


Now finally to today’s breakfast.

Oatmeal with yoghurt


My German teddy bear helped me! For the oatmeal: oats, milk, water, salt, vanilla essence, cinnamon –> cook for a couple of minutes, then add chia seeds and honey. One whole small apricot yoghurt (180g) in the middle. As refreshing as I wanted it to be after my morning run.

A closer view (and a blurrier one, of course).


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Wish you a nice week!

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  1. Did you say homemade tortilla? Wow, that sounds amazing. And I love how chewy and thick it looks.

    Lol! cute bear! :D

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