Better’n what?

As I surfed through some (non) chocolate-covered recipes, I also came upon the recipe for Better’n Kozy Shack oatmeal pudding. Not that I haven’t discovered it months ago, I just simply forgot about it.  As I’m quite in the pudding-y mood, that was the perfect idea to add some variation to my breakfast choices. I’ve never had that very brand of pudding in my life but I can imagine how it should taste like. Delicious. Certainly.

I did no exercise yesterday, just massaged my painful muscles who carried me along hills for 6 hours long the day before. No exercise? Not so good. Although it was still raining, I was in the mood to go for a longer walk. So I thought I’d take a longer way till the shop (the one which was still open on Sunday evening) and buy the *secret* ingredient for this pudding. Yeah, that was a nice idea. Accompanied by the music from the mp3 player I walked along the puddles with the umbrella and brought a nice little package of bio tofu home.

I prepared the oats the night before so they had enough time to absorb the liquid. I measured 60 g of oats (not very much indeed, perhaps less than 1/3 cup) and 2.5 cups water. Whoot? How could these tiny flakes absorb so much liquid? It looked like a few tablespoons of flakes were swimming on the bottom of a big bowl of water…how could this end? However, I diligently followed the recipe (if it’s a recipe then the quantities are stated for some reason) and wondered what I’d get next morning.

There was a nice surprise waiting for me after my morning run! Indeed. Pillowy soft oats with not too much extra liquid. With the tofu the mixture got thicker…I mean it was still watery but not too much! I loved the texture. My puddings are always thicker but this one was great as it was! With lots of cinnamon and some vanilla sugar it was..perfect! D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!


With the cinnamon mixed into the oats…


What’s your favourite kind of home-made pudding?


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3 responses to “Better’n what?

  1. Looks delish! I love Kozy Shack rice pudding- they make a “du leche” one which is out of this world :)

    Thank you for your comment- the best way to make your blog known and to make blog ‘friends’ is to read and comment on other blogs.

  2. I love the last picture!

    And I love YOU!!

  3. homemade good tapioca or chocolate pudding is the BEST – especially when it’s still warm :)

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