Spiralizer makes the zucchinis turn around

I think Spiralizer is the word of the week in bloggers’ world. That’s the ultimate device which can make wonders to your zucchinis, carrots, cucumbers, apples…  instead of your good old peeling knife. Would you like to win a spiralizer? Just enter our lovely CCV’s giveaway! If you’ve already eaten your meal, check these mouthwatering pictures of raw spiralized creations.

I don’t own a spiralizer but I own a blender! This guy does wonders to my oats…sometimes I just prefer them like a pudding, using this Katie’s technique. It could be a hand blender but a normal blender is as fine (the only thing which is not fine is the cleaning, the mixture sticks to the sides of the blender). This technique is a good alternative if I want to have something creamy, delicious and filling…which blended flakes definitely are. I’m glad I discovered this technique about a month ago. It’s a simple one but I’d never come to that idea before.

Rye&oats pudding: cooked oat&rye flakes (with water, milk, rum, coconut, sugar, cinnamon) left overnight, then blended, some cherries and a sliced apple on top. I added some more rum over the cherries to give extra moisture and extra taste. This was filling and delicious. Cherries were not as dark as they appear in the picture, they were dark red.


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  1. You are such a sweetheart to think of other bloggers! But I’m entering you anyways… you truly are amazing, girl!

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