Nutella pancakes

It’s always fun to try something new…my very first time to make “American” pancakes, the smaller thicker ones. Inspired by Katie’s pancake challenge and some fellow pancakeholics around the blogosphere.

This time I made an oaty dough: whole-grain spelt flour, oats, some baking  powder, salt and water. Filling: homemade Nutella (from the previous post) and self-picked cherries with shredded coconut, a spoonful of sour cream and some cherry juice. Mmm, Nutella, that’s so good (I must confess that the jar didn’t have a long shelf life, it lasted only two days. Well, it’s not best idea to be kept near my hands. ;)).


And that’s this morning’s breakfast: blended overnight barley flakes (in half milk, half water), yoghurt with homemade unsweetened apricot jam, some roasted hazelnuts and peanuts, a spoonful of fir syrup. The texture of blended barley flakes was interesting, was quite dense (and creamy), pillowy soft. You can also use vanilla-flavoured soy milk or any other milk.



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3 responses to “Nutella pancakes

  1. Ahhh! Awesome!! May I feature you in the next Pancake Challenge update?

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